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I need advice from the R3 Community!

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So a few months ago I had a low side crash and I fixed the components on my bike that needed to be fixed so I could still operate it for transportation. Then today happen, someone decided that it was okay to finish breaking my clutch lever by kicking it or something and breaking it off completely. Now I need advice on what to do. I've come across this website called procaliber.com and I'm wondering how reliable is it? I'm looking to buy a new clutch lever, even though I have been looking at spearsracing to replace both my clutch and brake levers and I'm wondering if anybody out there finds them worthy. The other parts i'm looking to replace is my left handle bar as it got bent and also the left side of my fairing as it got a little scratch up. So I'm wondering if I should go the aftermarket route on the handle bar and what options do I have since I'm new to this stuff and not efficient at looking for parts. Lastly in regards to my fairing would it be cheaper to order the part on the website or to get it painted? i've posted a few pictures down below to show the damages better.


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Sorry to hear about the jackass who damaged your clutch.

Procaliber is reliable. A bit slow but reliable. I am used to ordering from Amazon who ships to me in 2 days or less, so use that as kind of a reference when I say Procaliber is slow.

Your fairings don't look too bad. You can slap some white vinyl on the bike and put some decals on that to make it look better. I also lowsided and after I put the vinyl on, you can't tell I lowsided unless you are really close and feel the side of the fairings with your fingers.

Search my posts by clicking my name and you should be able to find pics of my bike. I can't right now cause I am on my phone.
Thank you for the advice I'll look at amazon right away! but man you've got over 500 posts and I couldn't find the specific post I was looking for, if you have some time send me the link so I can take a look at it.
Sounds like you have just enough parts there to meet any free shipping options.

Fairing with all stickers will be around $65-$70. Just get the stock bar end and avoid more work.

Levers are down to spears racing or the hong kong ebay seller. Dont buy levers from China.


Thank you for the advice I'll look at amazon right away! but man you've got over 500 posts and I couldn't find the specific post I was looking for, if you have some time send me the link so I can take a look at it.
Post 231 has pics of my old bike

If you happen to be anywhere near Dallas TX I have the red/white OEM fairings in perfect condition. I can make you a deal on any parts you need. Would have to be local pick up though since the fairings are so large I cant ship them for a reasonable amount of money.
for aftermarket parts: www.anunaki-parts.com
We have special promotions going on.
You can use voucher code on checkout:

for more info on our promotions, you can browse to our vendor thread here on the forum.
I was considering buying all the stock parts for all damaged goods including the fairing, I just don't know what to do with the damaged fairing because I don't want to just throw it out but to sell it just seems like a waste because who wants a damaged fairing? But the free shipping on my order sounds nice.... And it gives me a reason to use a screwdriver lol and rc racer I wish I was near you but I'm all the way out in Florida.
Why not just slap some vinyl on it and some decals on that as I mentioned? Pretty easy fix if you ask me. Vinyl wrap is pretty cheap on amazon and ships free.
Don't worry I'm also considering that option! I'm planning on doing a matte black wrap for both sides. My only question is do you remember what size sheet you used? I'm a college student and I'm trying to find the most cost-effective approach to this for my very limited budget.
But if i decide to not get the matte black do you remember what tint of white you picked along with the brand? I'm looking at 3M since it doesn't really need the use of a heat gun to apply.
Mine didnt need a heat gun. You dont need a heat gun for vinyl works, it just really helps out on those curvy panels.

I used http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FXYC7MW?keywords=White%20Gloss%205ft%20x%201ft%20Vinyl%20Wrap%20Roll%20with%20Air%20Release%20Technology&qid=1453920838&ref_=sr_1_2&sr=8-2

Not sure if that is wide enough for an entire panel, as mine was only wrapped where you see that red edge up to the bottom of the revzilla sticker.

Its available with free shipping if I remember correctly. The same vendor sells it in different ways and offers free shipping. I think I misquoted you though, its $11.
Sorry for the late response, school had me a little busy! thank you for all your help and support, I came to the conclusion that i will do the vinyl wrap on both fairings and im thinking of doing something with matte black! I will post pictures whenever i get it done, i just dont know when.
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