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I need technological knowledge

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So I've noticed that this bike may just be as loud as a weed-whacker on full throttle, so i was curious what if i removed the "Slip on/canister" part of my exhaust system and run the bike like that? sorry I do not know the proper term for this part. Would it hurt my performance? kill my engine? make the bike louder? I do not want to be loud and obnoxious to get attention, but I want to be heard coming around a corner or something so I don't run people over or get hit by a car that didn't see/hear me.
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It's called having a "straight pipe". From what I can gather it isn't that much louder. You really on;y get a big increases in volume if you cut the stock headers or install a full exhaust. Slip-ons don't add much volume, they mostly just change the tone of the exhaust.

Here is a thread on it for our bikes: http://www.r3-forums.com/forum/546-exhaust-fuel-delivery/3890-no-exhaust-muffler.html
Taking the "slip on" part on the R3 doesn't make t much louder because you still have the Cat and that is where a lot of the sound suppression happens.

Just like vercify said, changing the slip on won't really make the bike much louder. For that to happen you at least need to get rid of the cat as well.
I've read here a bunch of times that it won't hurt the engine because the cat is still in place. I don't know if it would make it louder, but the tone significantly changes if you run it without the muffle. sounds so nice
I mentioned this very thing last Summer; it sounds like a lawnmower without the muffler. Go with the Devil stainless can muffler like I did. Sounds throaty and looks great!
Thanks Guys I will be taking off my muffler to see how i feel about it! I think that im eventually going to go with an M4 exhaust
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