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Answering the same questions over and over can be mind-numbingly boring, I get it.
So let's make up for it and encourage good behavior & helpful etiquette.

I understand many members simply don't have time or patience to contribute complete, formal replies. So I'm encouraging you to take your time and do more!

On being helpful
The objective is to provide high quality support & develop a user base who is compassionate about helping others, as the basis to becoming self-sufficient learners.
  1. Put your best effort forward to be helpful.
    1. Encourage the use of the search features, by sharing the guide on How to Use Search Function.
    2. Bookmark solutions to common answers.
    3. Create discussions regarding answers to common questions.
    4. Check in with unresolved discussions (@mention the ones who are asking for help).
  2. Practice good citing etiquette. If there's a link to it - then source it.
    1. Cite your sources from the internet & encourage others to do the same.
    2. Use the Multi-Quote panelto collect & list solutions within the forum.
      1. Encourage others to use the Multi-Quote panel, too.
  3. Create a rentry.copage of useful links, set an edit password, and link to it in your signature.
    1. Condense helpful articles you recommend (or have written).
    2. Don't post trash on rentry.co that will get you banned on the forums.
On member support
I think it's assumed everyone who uses the forum know how to enhance their posts using the features provided by Vertical Scope. Clearly this is wrong.

The ones who start their discussions with a list of potential solutions, will ask more specific questions, while citing the solutions they've made themselves aware of.

This cycle over time will liven the community support structure - those who are ignorant will learn. The ignorant will then become beacons of instruction for those who come after them.

When we're able to get the answers we need, quote the complete answers others have provided, and add our specific questions - this leads to next-tier support for all.

On forum organization
Organization is a part of being able to understand how to function on a forum.
This is the reason I fashioned the improved "R3-Forums 2021" forum structure.

Until this the forum topics are restructured, we must adapt.
We must encourage others to post in the appropriate sections.

On discussion inspiration
This post was inspired by a thread from Speed-Talk forums:
There's a good number of new members, that may not have the knowledge or experience you do. If they ask a question that you think is remedial, just remember, it might not be remedial to them. The answer may be something you've known for 30 years. That doesn't mean it's any less important to the person that doesn't know it.

One other thing, if a person is asking for a little performance help on their normally aspirated engine, and you comment "Supercharge it", "Put a turbo on it", or "throw some nitrous on it", I will ban you for life.
If someone asks for help, be helpful.
Posted by speedtalk, for Speed-Talk forums on Fri Nov 13, 2020
Thank you for your contributions to R3-Forums.
May the community prosper.
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