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Installed Halo Projecters.

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Finally received the halo projectors I ordered and had them installed. Already got like 15 compliments randomly. They're awesome and way brighter too.


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Nice bad @&& dude.

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very nice. how much and where did you get them? color changing ?
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What KF said, how much $$$ and from where? How difficult was the install? Color changing?
i got mine from the guys here in jakarta, indonesia erm.... layz motor. get in touch with mike through their website ;)
I got mine from anunaki racing planet. They are from Thailand and were about 400 minus the shipping. The installation also cost me 350 which I got done at my local shop. They don't change color. Though on standby they are red.
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The shipping for me was about 120 I believe for 14 days but they came way faster than that. Like a week after.
Is this a plug and play. Replace stock lights with this drop in headlight kit ?
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