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Installing LUIMOTO Seat Covers

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Luimoto Seat Covers Installation:

You will need:
Air Compressor and an air staple gun
¼” x 6mm staples
Binder clips
Socket wrench and 10mm socket for removing & replacing seat hardware

Rider Seat:
1.) Stretch the cover over the stock seat, starting at the front.
2.) Center the cover, line up the seam along the rear, stretch and add a
few staples.
3.) Pull the fabric towards both sides, making sure the same amount of
fabric is showing on both sides, and place several binder clips on one
4.) Go to the opposite side, stretch the fabric and staple along that side.
5.) Remove the clips on the other side, stretch and staple along that side.
6.) Finish stapling along the back, pleating the fabric as necessary to get
a smooth curve around the peak.
7.) Finish stapling the front, making sure the cover is centered, pleating
the fabric as necessary to get a smooth curve around the corners

Passenger Seat:
1.) Slip the cover over the seat and line up the seam with the front of the
arch on the seat
2.) Stretch the cover and place a few clips on the front.
3.) Place a few staples at the rear of the seat
4.) Remove the clips at the front and place a few staples there.
5.) Stretch the material on the sides, making sure the same amount of
fabric is showing on both sides.
6.) Place clips on one side.
7.) Stretch the fabric on the other side and staple along that side.
8.) Remove the clips and staple the other side.
9.) Stretch and ruffle the fabric at the front corners and staple.
10.) Finish stapling the front and rear of the cover.
11.) Install the new grab strap

NOTE: Remove all hardware to make it easier to install both covers

The rider seat took about 35 minutes and the passenger seat took about 25 minutes. I have installed several motorcyle seat covers before and have also done some furniture upholstery in the past, so it would probably take a little longer for someone with no experience at this.

The rider seat has a Gel Pad installed in it. See my thread on that. http://www.r3-forums.com/forum/713-yamaha-r3-how-diy/54457-installing-gel-pad-rider-seat.html

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That looks really good.

Nice DIY job!
That is one sharp looking seat cover!!
That is one sharp looking seat cover!!
They are semi-custom. I had them change out the silver panels on their regular R3 color scheme for panels using their EDGE fabric in Gunmetal color. The gunmetal is a lot darker than the silver they used.

Here are the stock color schemes they offer. All can be modified for a $15 fee per seat cover.

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