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Is it okay to take off in 2nd gear?

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R3 takes off so smoothly in 2nd, I'm inclined to do this more regularly at traffic stops where I'm trying to outrun traffic. Does this hurt the bike?
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I do it once in a while, i don't think it really hurts but use first :)
The short answer is mmmm no not reallyyyyyyy, but the long answer is:

1. You're going to be slipping the clutch more from a dig in 2nd gear, which isn't a big deal bc the clutch is wet but it will lower the longevity of it.

2. I also would never take off from 2nd because the huge lose of power. I suppose you could rev to the moon (This relates to point 1) to get that same power as taking off from 1st, but again that equates to more wear.

3. This point doesn't answer your question, but I'm adding because I watched Twist of the Wrist II last night for the first time after someone mentioned it somewhere on the forums and I can't remember who hah. **Smooth take off and shifting boils down to smooth throttle control and clutch control (among a couple other things) **

1st is the most fun gear anyway >=] Having a smooth take off is dependent on the rider!
I have a smaller rear sprocket coming, to address this issue! I'll report back once I have had time to test it.
Cuz yeah.... 1st gear be TOO LOW YO!
I take off in second sometimes when I forget to drop all the way to first. You dont really have to rev the crap out of it unless youre going uphill but youre definitely slipping the clutch a lot more, and probably isnt good for the life of it.
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I do 3-4 times a day depending on the road. let it slip for a bit longer and your good. first gear is long but not that long
I don't know why you'd want to take off in 2nd to out run traffic. The bike will accelerate faster when using first gear.
1234-56 if needed on the straight parts of Mulholland. go go go. Once in a while by me not paying attention I'll start from 2nd don't like it, them hills.
If the ground is flat, R3 seems to have enough beans to start in 2nd without any drama. But yeah, it follows that you'll slip the clutch a bit more, unless you're starting out slowly.
Should not put any more wear on anything besides your clutch plate.
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