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Went to the dealership today looking for a used ninja 250r. Turns out it had been either sold or moved, but I got a chance to look at the R3's as well. After seeing it person, its way nicer than I had realized based on youtube videos and such. Felt amazing sitting on it.

Nice enough that I'm now actually considering it for a first bike. I told the dealer I wasn't really looking for a brand new bike, but I'd be curious to see a quote on it. He said 5650 OTD, 4699 bike ($300 yamaha rebate), +3xx freight, +tax title license etc. Said he'd give a good discount on gear; although no percentage mentioned, but he seemed to imply it would be something like a 50% discount.

Based on what I've seen on the threads on here, I sent him an email saying I would do $5400 +a good size discount on some gear. I got the usual "talked to the owner and he won't go below $5500..." response.

Is that a good deal? I know a few of you have come out a little cheaper, but plenty more have paid similar / more.
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