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It was a run by fruiting!

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Newb rider here! What is up everyone. Just a quick intro about myself. My name is Gerald and I live in Baldwin Park, Ca. I started riding about a year ago as the Yamaha Bolt being my first bike. Bought the bike because of its sleek bobber style and coolness but didn't realize how heavy it was till I got on the street. Sold it and stopped ridin for a year. So when this summer came, after seeing so many riders here SoCal, that drive/fire/yolo whatever u wanna call it for a motorcycle came back again. Did a little research and the R3 was the perfect match. Very light, easy to handle, good power and the effyeah funness it gives u. Soo I bought one last week and I'm in love alrdy! So far I've had 150 amazing miles with her and hopefully many more to come. Well that's about it I guess and I srsly cant wait to be in these group rides bc I've never been!

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