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I recently converted my "race/track" only FZ-07 to Pirelli slicks. I've always been a Michelin "fan-boy".... After COVID-19 hit, they got a bit too "proud" of their product.... I spent $295 on ONE rear tire, that would only last me one race weekend 馃槙. Pirrelli Diablo Rosso III's, are a PREMIUM tire. My wife ran them on track-days for several years! Good for you on NOT following the trend of "big-fat-a$$-tires", that only detract from the over all street riding experience... You made a GREAT choice!!!! View attachment 70670
I run Superorsa SP's on my MT09 and Daytona, as well as on my previous bikes. I know they wear out pretty quick but I just love how they feel. I haven't had the chance to ride with the Rosso III yet but I cant imagine anything short of greatness from Pirelli.
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