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Just bought me a R3!

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Hello everyone of R3 Forums! Just bought me a red/white R3 from a third party dealership. I was the third lucky person to get a R3. I wanted Raven, but red is awesome too. I am a new rider and this is my first bike, so far it is a easy fun bike to ride bike, looks nice and aggressive. I hope I learn more about riding and my bike through everyone. I also will share with y'all my bike and progress.

Price out the door: $5995 (Central California)
First mod: Vagabond fender eliminator (bought it before the bike lol)
Future mods: Slip-on exhaust, shorty levers, HIDs, frame sliders, passenger seat delete

Here's a couple pics, sorry no pics of the fender eliminator yet, but looks awesome:

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Red is faster anyway. Have fun!
cool.. I like the Red one ^^
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