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Knock sensors

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I have been reading many posts on this site and a few of you all are referencing Knock sensors. A quick lesson, A knock sensor detect detonation that is inaudible, that is detonation you cannot hear, it is a Piezoelectric device that generate a voltage signal from mechanical vibration, this signal is detected by the ecu and retards ignition timing to stop detonation. this is used in sophisticated engine management system to allow the engine to use different octane fuels and adjust the ignition map to suite. Having looked at the R3 wiring diagram there is no Knock sensor fitted to the engine, to those whom have stated that it is in the engine ecu, well it cant be as it needs to be bolted firmly and directly to the engine block usually on the cool side of the engine level or near the top of the cylinder deck, though some manufactures will place them in weird locations as they have detected in development a resonant location that naturally amplifies the detonation. So Summing up No knock sensor, either in the ecu or on the engine. the ecu mapping is set local to your fuel availability, Europe 95, Australia and Asia 91 and Us 87. No this wont change HP it changes ignition timing, burn time and the ECU is to dumb it cant change.
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