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Over the decades I have been riding, there have been many Interesting developments in the gear world. Not only are there standards, like CE impact ratings, but there are a lot of options for apparel. In the past, I rode mainly with a leather jacket and some jeans. I admit that I took the armor out of earlier jackets, as it was uncomfortable. Today, not only is armor better made, there are numerous options for jeans made from abrasion resistant materials.

My approach for most days:

I found that wearing armour as part of the mid or baselayer, closer and tighter to the skin - paired with abrasion resistant outer shells - is most comfortable and keeps the armor in place more consistently. I wear Bohnarmor all season base layer pants and shirt with CE2 Armor. These are not obvious or uncomfortable for walking around or sitting down for a meal. Under the baselayer is chosen to suit weather, from lightweight sweat absorbing to thermals.

Tire Active pants Sleeve Sportswear Waist
Coat Jersey Neck Sleeve Dress shirt

Over the mid/base layer I usually wear a pair of Bull-it Tactical motorcycle jeans made with Corvec that are AA abrasion rated - adequate when worn with armor for the roads I ride, and comfortable for most weather conditions. If I were doing more highway riding, I'd wear something with 2 layers and a AAA rating...

Jeans Human body Sleeve Gesture Waist

The jeans come with good armor in them that is comfortable without the base layer - but not as complete (no tail bone or thigh protection). I also occasionally wear pair of Wicked Stock waterproof 600 danier nylon pants when its raining. I also wear a regular street shirt over the protective shirt for vanity.

The jacket is a leather Sidici, which I wear most of the time, and occasionally a FieldShear Air Tour textile jacket on very hot/humid days.

Outerwear White Product Black Sleeve

The cool part about this approach is that I maintain CE level 2 armor on knees/shins, thighs, hips, tailbone, elbows/forearms, shoulders and back - regardless of the abrasive protective pants or jacket I am wearing over them.

Helmet, at this time, is a Bell Qualifier DX (not the greatest for noise, but has MIPS and a photo reactive shield), admittedly selected for its graphics.

Automotive lighting Product Cap Sports equipment Sleeve

Gloves are Street and Steel Scrambler.
Brown Outerwear Sleeve Gesture Safety glove

Shoes are Highway21 Axle Waterproof
Shoe Outdoor shoe Walking shoe Sportswear Font

None of these items are top of the line, mostly mid level stuff, with the exception of the baselayer. But, I believe the protection and comfort is very good overall and a massive improvement over what I wore years ago. I replace components all the time, so this summation is subject to change without notice.

Share your approach to gear!

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I dont know if bike jeans works as best as motorcycle jeans?
From what I understand, bicycle jeans are not abrasion or burst resistant, carry no ratings, and have no armor pockets or clearance for armor in them. Motorcycle jeans are made from abrasion resistant fabrics, with pockets and clearance built into them for armor, and should carry a tag with a CE abrasion test rating of "B" for no armor provided, or "A", "AA", or "AAA" abrasion resistance - which includes testing of seam strength to protect from bursting.

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I have become an AGATT type of rider. Armored jacket, armored jeans, armored footwear, full helmet, etc., etc. I hope to never have to 'need' any or all of that gear, but it might come in handy some day.
I'm the same. I learned as a kid from wiping out on my bicycle that gear really works, a full face mtb helmet saved my face a number of times.

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As a new rider, I got kitted out by my local mom and pop shop for about $1200 and am extremely pleased with the gear I've been riding with. I keep it mostly to weekend morning rides in very unpopulated open roads and the climate for where I live is basically 90-110 degrees 3/4ths of the year so lightweight airflow focused gear is a must along with constant hydration.

Helmet: Shoei RF-SR

I love this helmet, good airflow, snell rated and fits so well I forget I'm wearing it. I've always been really sensitive to helmet pressure in sports causing headaches and I don't feel this shoei even on my most recent 4 hour long ride. I wear foam earplugs so wind noise isn't really a bother and in the heat I much rather have the airflow.

Jacket: Rev'it Eclipse mesh jacket

Great airflow and the armor feels sufficient for my ride. The white/grey is great for the sun. I believe included armor is CE1 and I added the back protector. I found that when trying on gear, rev'it and alpinestars fit my frame better than other European brands. I have wide shoulders and a lot of jackets felt like they would be choking me out except for rev'it. Under the jacket I usually wear a long sleeve hanes x temp or other moisture wicking/cooling apparel since like I mentioned 110+ degrees.

So my local shop has Taichi gear and the rest of my gear is all Taichi so I'm pretty stoked about that.

Gloves: Taichi GP-X Racing gloves

These are Taichi's entry level racing gloves. Reason I went with my shoei rf-sr and these gloves are because I plan on getting on track soon so I thought I'd splurge on a snell rated helmet and some nice gauntlets that are track ready. Great quality and feel great to wear. I have smaller hands so those with bigger hands might be suited to other gloves, Taichi stuff in general seems to be built around japanese sizes and frames, as how I felt with the european brands jackets.

Pants: Taichi RSY-260

Cordura stretch riding jeans. They have knee pads but they are not CE rated and if I were to guess wouldn't be much use in a crash, but I do trust the denim in a slide for sure. Reason I like them is, as a lifter it's notoriously hard for me to find jeans or pants that fit well around the thigh while also being small around the waist or short enough in length. The stretch feels great, extremely comfortable jeans and look good in a non riding situation. If I weren't planning to ride street less and track more I'd probably either upgrade the knee pads or wear armor under them. For my riding right now they feel sufficient.

Boots: Taichi RSS011 boots

I have the all black leather ones. Freaking love these boots. Super comfortable, have cool rubberized areas for shifting and the BOA system makes me wish all my shoes used it. Seriously, you slide them on, pop in the BOA cap and spin it and boom, good to go.

Overall I feel like my gear provides enough protection while also dealing with the heat of the summer in my area. Could do with some more padding probably but once I'm on track I'll be riding streets less and less, which means everything besides gloves and helmet are gonna be replaced with track gear. My boots I might be able to get away with on a track day, so jacket and pants will be swapped for a 1 piece.

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I have the following gear atm:


  • Shoei X14 high gloss black personal fitment XL with Cardo Black fitted.
  • Scorpion EXO-920


  • Rev'it Jupiter black logos
  • Rev'it Jupiter black/white logos
  • Rev'it GTR Air v1 black with grey logos
  • Rev'it Quantum V2 grey/red
  • Rev'it Quantum V1 Black/Black


  • Rev'it League gauntlets black/red
  • Rev'it Cassini H2O black
  • Rev'it Mosca H2O black
  • Rev'it Mosca summer black
  • Rev'it Sand sand colour


  • Rev'it Cayenno pro V1 black (both)
  • Rev'it Tornado V3 black (winter)
  • Rev'it enterprise V2 black
  • Rev'it Vertex GT black/black logo/black knee pads


  • Rev'it G force H2O black/white lines (summer/winter)
  • Rev'it Trail H2O (winter)
  • Sidi Vertigo B2 2x
  • Alpinestars Tech 3 (winter)


Revit visibility gilet
Alpine race ear protection
Alpinestars MX kidney belt
Rukka balaclava
Prozis balaclava (summer)
Night led bar white on body (front)
Illumiseen led bar on body red (rear)
All the pictures you can google these.
revit socks
Louis backpack

Here is one sample:

From top to bottom: EXO-920, Alpine ear buds, Rukka bally, Revit Jupiter white logos, revit reflective gilet, Illumiseen led bar on body red (rear), Revit Cayenne pants, revit gforce shoes, revit socks.

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Motorcycle

Top to bottom: Shoei X14 with vermillion visor, alpine ear buds, rukka bally, louis backpack, Revit gtr air v1 jacket, revit mosca h2o, revit cayenne pro pants with winter inserts, revit gforce shoes and socks

Helmet Workwear Sports gear Automotive lighting Motorcycle helmet

Sky Helmet Bicycle helmet Goggles Sports gear


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Top to bottom:

Shoei X14,
Cardo black
Rukka bally
Alpine race ear buds
Alpinestars compression 1piece
Rev'it Quantum V1 jacket with backinsert
Rev'it League gauntlets
Alpinestars MX kidney belt
Rev'it vertex GT leather pants with knee pucks
Sidi Vertebra boots

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive tire


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