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Levers you get what you pay for

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Bought a pair of standard length CRG Rc2 adjustable levers. They fit perfectly. They allow adjusting the brake lever blade farther from the grip so when the brakes heat up you still have a lot of room to really brake hard. The clutch lever can be adjusted closer to the grip for less effort. The tips are replaceable in the event of a tip over. They were $179 from Hard Racing.com. Not cheap but worth the money. The stock clutch lever just never felt right


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Nice, they look great. Were they $179 per lever or $179 for the pair? Ether way, I hope they are performing well for that price!
They do look great and the replaceable tip is a great idea.
I really hope you aren't experiencing brake fade that severe you need to adjust the lever as you ride, if you are then you might need to replace the fluid and pads and re-bleed your brakes. The adjustability should be more to cater for different size hands and making the lever at a distance you're comfortable with
I doubt the pads or fluid is bad on a new bike with 300 miles. The stock front brake should have come with sintered pads and a stainless brake line. Will do that later. I just wasn't comfortable with the lever being so close to the grip. It's a bike built to a low price and they skimped on the brakes
Just don't like how close the lever gets to the grip. I don't have to adjust them on the fly as road racers do.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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