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Hey everyone, picked up the R3 as my first ever bike about a month ago! Been learning a lot about riding, and it's definitely my new addiction. I've been into modifying cars for about 7 years now, and the mod bug is definitely going from car to bike.

Just for reference, this is my black 370z and my gf's stock blue 370z beside it :)

Current mod list:

Akrapovic slip on
Norton Fab levers
R6 throttle tube
Driven D Axis grips
Lowered OEM clip ons

The bike was purchased at 1800km, with the Akrapovic slip on and frame sliders already installed :D Also had bar end mirrors that I replaced with the stock ones since it was kind of nerve wracking learning how to ride without being able to see the mirrors in my peripherals.

Not really a bike mod, but a helmet mod lol. Blue mirror visor :) I like it since it's not too tinted, but enough to save my eyes from the sun. I also love that color shift finish

Working on a motorcycle is actually a lot easier than working on a car, so mounting the clip ons underneath the triple clamp was surprisingly alright for my first time

A little comparison between before and after

Began to remove some of the OEM decals since I'm not a huge fan of them

Some great levers by the forum's beloved Jesse :)

And after lots of photoshopping and designing, started wrapping the fairings this weekend! Goal was to make the R3 look a little bit bigger than what it is. The black fairings make the bike look small in my opinion, while the wheelbase and height of the bike itself isn't actually that tiny.

Still missing a few decals that I have to get printed, I used to wrap things on cars here and there in my spare time, but I am by no means a professional so the finish could be a lot better. I think I also have to get that white Yamaha stripe reprinted since the blocks came out a bit too close together :/ When my decal that goes onto the black stripe on the fairings come, I'm hoping it'll finish off the look a bit better!

A little comparison as I still have to work on the other side next weekend:

Trying hard to not mod this bike as I really do want to upgrade to a 600cc very soon. Went on my friend's CBR600RR and fell in love with the ergonomics. Lowering the clip ons helped a lot, but I think the only thing that can really make me enjoy the R3 ergonomics would be to get a raised seat, rearsets, and a gas tank cover. The OEM gas tank cover is extremely uncomfortable for me to tuck on because of it's shape, even my GF's CBR125R has a much nicer tank imo lol
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