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Lithium Battery

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I was thinking about getting a Battery Tender and came across the versions for Lithium batteries. Does anyone have experience with "upgrading" to Lithium? Is it worth it?

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It's definitely worth it. Although, it may be a little more expensive but it will last you longer and weight less. Brand like shorai and Ballistic are good.
I have shorai on the R1. Never had a issue with it. From what I hear they can be a little cold sensitive but living in Florida that's a non issue. When the oem battery croaks I'll probably get one for the R3.
I really like the idea. It drops high-up weight from the bike. Of course I could go on a diet and lose 5 pounds too.
But is the charging system in the bike set up for lithium batteries? You have to be careful with that. You don't want to be sitting on a bomb.
The bike charging system is a non-issue. What you have to watch out for is battery tenders compatible for your battery - - two main reasons: the right one will maximize life of the battery, the wrong one will not. Do not jump start (quick charge) these with a system designed for car batteries - they can grenade - seen it happen.

That said, stock battery is just over 6 lb. A Ballistic 4 cell is less than a pound. My local bike shop has the correct balancer/tender and takes all his customers' batteries during the winter at no charge, so I didn't have to get a tender. They are a little more cold-sensitive than lead-acid.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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