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Lowered my suspension to max-soft (setting 1) because I have a 28" inseam so I can get a foot-down. Bought the lowering seat as well by Saddleman. Didn't really lower anything much, maybe 1/4", though very comfortable and quite recommended.

Noticed the bike is a less nimble (of course). Not bottoming-out though, and makes for an unusually "smooth" highway cruise however, which is kind of nice.

Anyway, I was thinking as I'm getting new RS10 Bridgestone tires, while it's getting done to have the front forks lowered 1/4" or so (5 or 6mm) through the triple clamp.
I believe this will put me back at a (setting 4) (medium) setting compensation for the preload change and "even me out" handling-wise. It's a subtlety but I think it's the right geometric solution.

Rants or opinions?
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