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lowside at a track day

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this is a track day put on by local motorcycle enthusiasts where they set up a different technical course on an airstrip every month

this particular day it was raining in the morning and got really hot in the afternoon the water evaporated but the track surface was dirty in some spots

three other riders crashed in the same corner even one safety rider! ultimately it was my fault though not respecting the track conditions

a very good lesson learned for future races and track days!

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link on the way just building my posts up
Dang, crashing sux. I feel for ya brother. At least it looked like ya set it down gently. That track loox like a hoot, but awfully narrow.
yea not as wide as a real track have to keep a tight smooth line through the whole course but funnest time on the r3 so far!
You guys are very brave! I would be worried someone would miss a turn and hit me head on!
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