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LUIMOTO Seat Covers Now Available

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Luimoto's seat covers just became available today. 3 colors for all R3's.

They are made to order and take a few weeks.

These are covers, NOT complete seats. You either install them yourself or have them installed locally. You can also send them your seat and have them install a gel pad and install the covers for a steep fee of $160 for both seats.

You can also get custom colors and fabrics (including different stitching colors) for a fee. $15 additional per seat for color changes. $30 additional per seat for Luimoto's Suede.


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Oh my sweet buttery lord those look wonderful to sit on.
Oh my sweet buttery lord those look wonderful to sit on.
I'll let you know. I ordered a slightly customized set yesterday.
I'm also going to put a gel pad in the rider seat myself.
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What did you customize Fang?
I had them change the Silver sections on both seats over to their EDGE fabric in Gunmetal. $30 additional cost total.

2nd column, 3rd sample down here:


I'm changing the silver & blue fairings over to the white ones from the Rapid Red R3, so didn't want any silver on the seats.
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