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Picked up my Blue R3 last night. I called around numerous places and got quotes over the phone from $5,600 to $6,200. But I wanted the blue and only one place had it in stock, but they didn't show any R3's in stock on their website. I gave a call yesterday right when they opened they said they had one of each color. That was at 10am. I got to the store around 3pm. The Raven was sold. Just the Red and Blue left. Had to go with blue to match my M3. $5,900 out the door cash in NJ. A dealer about 90 minutes away had an 'internet special' of $4,590. So the dealer I got it from price matched.

Price Break down, which I will also add to the price paid thread:

$4,581.90 Bike
$95 Admin Fee
$298 Prep
$298 Delivery
$369.10 Tax ( NJ 7% )
$3 tire fee
$5 Temp Registration
$125 Registration
$125 MV Doc Fee

$5,900 out the door.

It came out to $5,933.17. I said I would do $5,700 sales manager said he can't do that price. I said okay thanks, shook hands and walked out. Got to my car and realized I wasn't given my license back. So had to go back in to get it. Sales associate which was really cool the entire time was like I'm sorry we couldn't do anything. I said throw in the seat cowl and I'll do the price. So came back and said he would take off 10% of anything I purchased today, which I know is common. But I needed a helmet, and jacket. So I said okay do $5,900 even so I can give you 59 one hundred dollar bills and let's be done with this. He went over to sales manager and said fine.

In the picture of the dealership you can at the top, the two bikes by themselves is my bike on the left and a blue R6 on the right. Someone had purchased the red one while I was there, and earlier in the day the black one. So 3 R3's in the same day.

Picture of my R3 sitting outside the dealer right before I sat on her for the first time and road off. I literally had not sat on the bike before I road away on it. I'm 5'9" 175 pounds and the bike feels great to me.

Third picture is of my '12 M3 hardtop convertible, and my R3.

I ended up purchasing a black and whie Alpine Stars jacket, and a Shoei GT-Air in gloss black helmet. I wanted matte black but they didnt have any Large size matte black helmets only medium and they were way to tight.

The bike had 3 miles on it from the dealer inspection, and now has 32 miles on it. So 29 from me.

I purchased the Sena 20S bluetooth communication system, and the Vegabond fender eliminator Thursday ( July 2nd ) from Amazon and paid for overnight shipping. Since I knew I was going shopping yesterday for the R3. I'm just glad I was able to get it in blue and not have to wait for another shipment.

So that's my story. Now to go install the FE and go for a ride before a family BBQ.



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