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Came home to a nice group of packages,

1. M4 Street Slayer Exhaust.
I was happy to cut off the cat. drop pounds
I am going with the m4, so I can take off the passengers pegs completely. I am hoping to not scrape the m4. I am don't lean a ton the track.. lets see

2. Bazzaz Fi. I got the m4 and bazzaz used. And I am hoping the map that has already been pre installed will be fine.

3. Smog block off plate. Thanks to Jesse Norton, I ordered his smog block off plates. his instructions are the BEST.

With the removal of the cat, the CRC race bodywork fits SO much better. So thats a plus.

Sounds pretty good.

lets see how it runs on the next trackday

What else?
I have a ninja 650 shock coming in, the mail. and I have already ordered the shim/spacers from jesse norton!

Probably do the traxxion front shock thing next also. later on the summer.. let's see. Hoping for weather to improve to take the bike on the track a couple more times in June.


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