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Mileage on brand new bike

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Hi all,

Couldn't find this information anywhere else so I thought I'd ask here.

If you're buying a brand new bike from the dealer, what mileage would you expect to see on the odometer when you take it out of the lot? I know with cars it's often a few hundred but I'm thinking with bikes it should be practically 0 right?
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I have bought two new bikes over the years. The KR150 had 20km on the clock and the R3 had 3km on the clock.

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Mine had done 40m which i put on it when i took it for a test ride.
It varies.. I have bought several new bikes from my dealer so I have come to have a working relationship with them. I don't ask to ride them until I am ready to purchase so they always let me test ride. That can put a few miles on them. It is reasonable for dealers that give test rides to have a few miles on them.

Every bike I have purchased brand new had less than a half mile on them except for the mileage I put on them.

Something to note, if there are miles on it, somebody has wrung it out to see what its made of!
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Interesting.. You read about the first 20 miles on a bike to be pretty crucial. I wouldn't want my bike to be thrashed by a test pilot right before I buy it!
My first bike had 6 or 7 on it, my r3 had less than 1. Anything under 10 is just one or two test rides. More than that is what I'd call a demo bike
Less than 2 miles for setup checks.
Mine had 11 miles on it.

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The dealer I bought mine from had a few R3's in stock, the one I got had 0 miles on it when I took it home, even with the setup checks from the techs. The other ones had anywhere from 1-10 miles on them, it just depends.
Mine had 0- it was in the showroom.
0 odometer and 0.4 on trip
My odometer was 0 but trip was 0.5 km just from when they did their checklist.

My bike had to sit at the dealership for a few days to arrange a convenient time to deliver, but was impressed they gave me all the keys to hang onto for the time being so I know there wasn't any joy riding happening after I signed off on the final inspection.
Mine was still in the crate when I bought it, so there was no more than 3 km on it from when the dealer did their safety test ride after it was set up.
Just bought a 2016....1 mile on the odometer

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