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Does someone uses militec?
Made any difference in the bike?
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What's Militec ?
It appears to be a line of ludrucants. Looks interesting…

MILITEC-1® Dry, Impregnated Lubrication & Grease
Typical use of our products include:
MILITEC-1® is the Gold Standard in Combat. Treated weapons have been tested and proven to be more accurate, deliver higher muzzle velocity with the same load, and show decreased wear at all critical wear points. Also, the weapons subjectively "feel" better in blind tests. Militec, Inc. has received thousands of testimonial eMails from front line troops.
All Automotive and Fleet applications, including all Universal and CV joints, Chassis, Wheel Bearing, High-Temp Disc Brake, Steering Gear, Water Pump, Fifth wheel, etc.

All "Off-Road" equipment used in Agriculture, Construction, Logging, and Mining where maximum protection against extreme shock loading and/or severe water washout is required.

All Industrial applications, including conveyor belts, rock crushers, lumber mills, sand and gravel screens, oil field and offshore drilling equipment, marine deck equipment, etc.
Be sure to check our site for instructions on how to apply MILITEC-1® to Firearms or, how to apply MILITEC-1® to autos, motrcycles and 2-cylce engines.
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I actually use it on my chain every other week or so and it works pretty well. Only reason i use it, is because my dad had it in the garage lol
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