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Riding Experience

  • New to riding (less than a year), first motorcycle

    Votes: 97 46.9%
  • Dirt bike background, first street motorcycle

    Votes: 22 10.6%
  • 2-5 years experience on street bike

    Votes: 29 14.0%
  • 5-10 years experience

    Votes: 11 5.3%
  • Over 10 years experience

    Votes: 48 23.2%

Motorcycle Experience

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To get a better feel for forum make-up, I'm going to run a few polls over the next month or two to get a snapshot of current demographics - level of experience, wrenching skills, etc. No need to post reply if you don't want.

Poll closes September 18 (60 days)
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51 years experience, Started riding at age 12, on private housing development roads and off-road on a local Indian Reservation where a friend lived.

Total motorcycles owned to date = 37.

Yep, I'm an Oldie.
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Brand new to Riding a Motorbike, R3 is my first motorbike, Have ridden Quads and Dirt bikes on Family Farm for a few years but never on public roads.
Grew up riding many different dirt bikes, sleds, quads... all the OFF road fun.... the R3 is my first bike for the street.

Still get nervous cruising on the roads with all the idiots out there, but nothing comes with out its risks and enjoy my time on my bike thoroughly.

Id like to get a bigger bike one day, but with getting older theres less and less of an 'invincibility' feeling and feel the R3 suits me well for my skills and still puts a smile on my face every time.
Ridden on the street for 22 yrs. Ridden on the track for 3yrs. Finally stepped "down" to small displacement mortarsickles 4 yrs ago.
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Other than the time riding a Honda Rebel during the MSF course, I have a little more than fifty miles of public riding time to date.
Currently 19 and at the start of my 4th year of riding with the R3 being my third bike, the uk/european motorcycle licence system in action right here... causing me to go up in tiers and getting new bikes lol
25 here, first year on a bike. I've been on scooters before in my teens, bought a car so I've been off of it for a couple of years and now shopping around for a bike. Will be getting the R3 once I find a good deal. It's the end of season for dealers so they are more willing to negotiate now that its soon august. Hopefully will be getting mine in a couple of weeks!
Started on my 2008 Honda CBR125R Two years ago, Just signed the papers for the R3. Waiting for the dealership to call and say their finished installing my accessories. :)
I started riding back in early-to-mid 90s or so, but when I moved out to California, I stopped (mostly due to being lazy about registering the bike). That was dumb. Couple of years ago some friends at work were talking about getting bikes and I decided to delve back into the fray.


Since then it's been many track days and California Superbike School outings.

I only put 2-5 years because in terms of practical riding, that's probably what I've done. I did have to basically relearn a lot after 15 years though. But I ride my bike every day this time around. Last time it was only occasionally.
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Newbie on two wheels - sort of..
Use to ride any thing on two wheels as a teen, the yamaha 50cc for one.
done a lot of tuning, painting ect on them old once, so am looking forward to get back in the groove with this R3

two more weeks untill the pop-quiz on my licens and final test same week befor i can run this poppy for reel
am glad it raining this week, then it is not so bad to be waiting haha :)
Been riding since July of 2006 almost every day, although not far distances until recently.
Other than the time riding a Honda Rebel during the MSF course, I have a little more than fifty miles of public riding time to date.
Time to rack up some miles while the weather is good.....
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Passed the MSF BRC and obtained my M1 November 2014. Bought a Ninja 300 first and rode it every day to work and back. Racked up 3300mi on it before I wrecked it when an SUV cut me off on Memorial Day. Bought the R3 with insurance money on Father's day and now have 1200mi on the R3. Commute every day to work on it 20mi there and back. Leisure rides on weekends every now and then :)
Complete newbie, skipped right from bicycles to motorcycle, didn't have any experience on bikes or on the roads in general, luckily my father is a long term rider and taught me an important amount of things I probably would've needed way more time to figure out by myself, thanks to that I'm really enjoying it (to the point I'm doing about 70-80km's a day by riding on twisties going up and down a mountain not far from home :D), couldn't be happier, and I still have a very long way to go!
First time I was on a motorcycle was the safety course....put four miles on the R3 riding home from the dealer. Looking forward to this weekend, I'm going to spend it accelerating my experience level :D
Have been riding 7 years. Have now moved to the track with 5 track days completed and working towards my CMRA license. Setting up my R3 for the track and trying to get all my race stuff together.
Last fall I took the MSF class through a local Harley dealer and their Riders Edge program. During the course I put about 32 miles on a Street 500, but only hit a max speed of around 30. It was in a parking lot afterall. I have a long ways to go as far experience, confidence, and ability.
1 - 20 of 81 Posts
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