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MT03 commuter/gymkhana build

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Hi, I recently bought a MT03 to commute with.

Here are some photos.


To do:

rear brake pads

  • Leovince exhaust with silencer (bought bike with this exhaust).
  • LED indicator relay
  • LED indicator bulbs
  • CTEK comfort indicator for trickle charger
  • Spark plugs to NGK iridium CR8EIX
  • Weatherproof LED licence plate light
  • K&N air filter Simota air filter
  • Airbox mod
  • New engine oil and filter
  • New brake fluid
  • bigger mirrors
  • LED 5000k projector headlamp
  • chain cleaned and relubed with chain lube
  • Crash protection gymkhana/msf/driving school spec.
  • MT03 key tags/chain
  • rear headlight bulb bracket delete for more space.
  • dust cleaning everywhere
  • relube all hinges/control points
  • Crash protection (steering)
  • OEM Tank pads Dark side of Japan
  • Rizoma Urlo grips 22mm
  • recall coolant hose and shift spring
  • TST levers
  • TST package install
  • Hazards switch install from R1
  • First oil change at 6800km and second at 11500km third at 16000km fourth at 21000km and fifth at 25000km
  • Kickstand hinge and spacer replacement
  • 2ms ecu and remap
  • license plate lamp from a trailer to increase visibility
  • Yamaha oem side bags
  • Michelin road 6 tyres 110/70/17 FRT 140/70/17 RR
  • front brake disc and pads
  • new chain and sprockets at 23750km DID ZVMX chain
  • Thermostat at 23900km and normal green coolant
  • new clutch cable at 25850km and guider upgrade oem
  • USB charger install
  • SP connect install
  • rear swingarm chain guide rubber due wrong adjusted chain
Shoei X spirit III with vermilion visor, photocromatic and clear
Cardo black

Golovejoy Balaclava

Komine Neck warmer

Rev`it Sand 3 gore-tex touring jacket winter
Rev`it jupiter all black jacket summer
Rev`it bodywarmer
Rev`it cayenne 1 pants with liner
Rev`it compression tights
Rev`it Gforce H2O shoes
Rev`it trail H2O boots winter

Alpinestars Tech 3 enduro winter boots
Alpinestars Radon Drystar winter boots
Alpinestars SMX6 gore tex summer/winter

Rev`it Quantum 1 fully black jacket with elbow pads
Rev`it vertex GT black leather pants with knee pads
SIDI Vertebra boots with Toe sliders

Louis backpack 13L
Alpinestars tech backpack 20L with helmet store
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Sick build and great pics!

How do you like the Rizoma grips? Are they pretty grippy? I'm looking to spruce up the cockpit on my R3. I had a pair of Puig grips on my previous bike and it had less grip than the OEM ones.
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