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My first Yamaha

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Hi Onebadscot here,

I was looking to get an old RZ350 but a riding buddy of mine reminded me that I was not a wrencher. He suggested the R3 to me. I have been riding for over 30 years and already have a Ducati streetfighter and a Kawi ex250. My little 250 is getting old and I enjoy riding and passing the bigger bikes on the small bikes. So the R3 seemed like a good replacement. My first 150 miles (had R3 only 3 days of this post) have been all in the twisties trying hard to keep it under the 7k breakin recommendation. This little bike handles great. Can't wait to see how it rides at higher rpm's. My only complaint was the hideous tail section which I replaced on the second day. Next to go are the rear pegs as I never two up, along with a rear cowl. Everyone I ride with loves the look of the bike. So far I give it two thumbs up!
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Welcome. I have been riding 34 years (legally) on the street. I hope to be riding at LEAST another 34 years. :cool:

Congratulations on your first Yamaha.
If it makes you feel better, I owned a Yamaha Majesty and Vino, the Vino for a little less than a year without issues and the Majesty only had the recall work done to it for that year model. It never gave me mechanical trouble at all and its almost 10 years old with 25,500 miles on it now.
hey congrats and welcome to the boards, get a pic or two up when you can!
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