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My helmet fell off my bike....my NEW helmet!!

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I just bought this thing last week, I've used it for exactly 1 trip to work, this being the second. I had it on the seat because I didn't want to put it on the ground. Well I forgot to take it off when I went to cover the bike since it sits out in the sun all day and I start covering and then hear it slide down inside the cover and them BLAM right on the concrete. Now it's scratched in the back and a piece of plastic is cracked. It didn't fall hard enough to compromise the integrity of the helmet, just enough to do damage! :crying:
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Not that it's any consolation, but the same thing has happened to most everyone who uses helmets, and it's one of the 'live and learn' life events..
Depending on what cracked, and what brand of helmet you have, the manufacturer may offer replacement pieces. Arai, e.g., is very good providing replacement parts.
Feeling with you Mate...

Same thing happend with my Helmet...
Had it in a textil Bag. And it was on a desk in my garage...
I picked up the bag with the helmet... Its a little bit thicker than a plastic bag...
and didn't take a proper look... Whooop... The helmet slided through the hole which got bigger,
because i didn't hold it the right way... Right on the dirty hard stoney ground...
Scratches everywhere ://
I'm living with it. SADLY :(((
Yes, gosh I feel for all of you guys. We try so hard and still we fail. Ugh...
In dutch we have a sentence for that:

"een ezel stoot zich nooit 3x tegen dezelfde steen"
A donkey never bumps his head 3 times in a row to a rock(lol)

I've been through this so many times with my previous two helmets, my new arai alwasys sits on the ground on a towel. Lucky helmet.
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if your helmet hit the ground from seat height onto concrete then its unservicable, you have no way of knowing if the shell has been compromised, it may have micro fractures in the shell that could fail if you were in a crash, take no chance with it shout yourself a new one!
No it didn't fall unabated from the seat, it fell down inside the cover because that's what knocked it off. I could hear it slide down the cover and then onto the ground. It wasn't compromised. I'm just picky.
Brain Fart…this morning I was running late. Thus, my routine was little skewed. When in my garage, I always place my helmet on a bench, start the bike and let her warm-up a little bit while I put on my gear. For some reason, I placed the helmet on the gas tank, turned to read my pre-ride MANTRA and BAM…”helmet down”. Bet you I won’t make that mistake again.
That sucks, would be painfull for me with that infamous smack as it hits the ground that all helmets make.

I always see people leave their helmets on their gas tank, if it's a friends' bike/helmet, I always put it on the mirror chin facing down lol.
Now you can make up a story about how it saved your life. At least you can blame no one but yourself. It's much worse if someone else is the one that causes your stuff to get damaged.
That sucks, would be painfull for me with that infamous smack as it hits the ground that all helmets make
I think it's more like a "thud", then a grainy sound as it rolls around before settling on the visor. One morning before work I polished my lid (at the time, my favorite, the Shoei Red Dragon) with Plexus, and as I was leaving work that afternoon I had the helmet under my arm and it squirted right out (plexus leaves a VERY slick finish), over my bike and proceeded to bounce and roll till it settled on the brand new yellow visor.
I dropped my 3 week old RX-Q twice already, still works fine with a few rashes =D Both times the visor survived without even a nick.
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