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Hello everyone,

I’ve been riding for a smidge over a year and scouring this forum some time before that. Due to Covid-19 I have focused my efforts on my R3 and wanted to get started on the forum as well. This forum is a great source of information and it has helped me out on my journey, thank you all. Over 10k miles so far, not looking for a bigger bike (or at least that’s what I tell my lady) just continuing to enjoy the R3.

2017 Matte Black ABS
Bought in 2019 for $3800 with 875 miles
MSF course, ATGATT, no track time, about 200+ miles a week, longest trip has been about 4.5 hours round trip

Fender Eliminator
Led turn signals
Shorty levers
Iridium Windscreen
Musarri Slip on
Led aux & headlights
Blue reflective rim tape
Fiamm low note horn
Metzler sportec m7 rr front and rear (going back to Pirelli dr3 after this set, it’s close and the metzlers are wonderful, but I prefer the Pirellis)
Shogun frame sliders
throttle lock to serve as a cruise control for the longer rides, greatest $13 I have spent
Black foot pegs
Valve caps with Yamaha logo (lol)

I have included some photos of the machine, enjoy!


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While I joined this forum only recently as well, it's been an excellent source of learning.
All that's left is to start contributing & pickup R3 of my own soon to join you.
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