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1.) Front Brake Reservoir Cover, CNC Aluminum

Source: eBay


2.) Rear Brake Reservoir Cover, CNC Aluminum

Source: eBay


3.) Adjustable Shorty Levers, CNC Aluminum



4.) PUIG Swingarm Spools, CNC Aluminum

Source: Revzilla.com


5.) Tank Pads TechSpec Snakeskin Part # 62-0092-SS (for Ducati
Hypermotard, Fit R3 perfectly)

Source: eBay


6.) GIVI XS306 Expandable Tank Bag, 25 liters, TankLock Mount, w/removable iPad Top Case & Hi-Viz Rain Cover. Tank Mount Ring sold separately usually, shown in one photo = GIVI Part # BF05
The tablet in the iPod case is a Lenovo IdeaTab A2109 9 inch, dimensions are: 9.30 x 6.50 x 0.46 inches. 10 inch tablets fit perfectly.

Source: FC-MOTO.com


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Still to come, when available: Delkevic DS-70 Carbon Slip-on; Rear Tire Hugger; Exhaust Hanger; Exhaust Protector/Slider; Mirror Block Off Plates; Fork Sliders; some sort of seat re-cover or custom seat with gel pad
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