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My yamasaki

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Bought the Raven version, wasn't crazy about any of the r3 color schemes. So after awhile I've almost got my own done!
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Looks great!

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Looks sexy! How do you do this? I saw one in town here that did the same thing, changed her stock red stickers to hot pink, and I've been wondering how ever since.

I love the lines on yours and the stock stickers. I would like just the lines in white instead of red and without the lettering on my raven. Do you plan on changing the red strip on the wheel?
Yes I plan to change the pin stripe on the rim to lime green as well. Local decal shop made them up for me, $40 bucks for everything.
Looks good! That fender though.. relinquish it.
Hahaha, if extra money was just laying around!
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nice work, looks unique for certain!
Fender has been relinquished, also flush mount front signals, and lower profile rear signals.
I love the tank pad. Where'd you get it?

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can't wait to see it after the green wheel pin stripe.
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