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New aussie member

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Hi guys,

My names Michael, I live in Melbourne VIC, Australia. Had my bike licence for a while but never owned one. Friend lent me his CBR125 for a year while he was travelling and giving up the bike was too hard to continue. I've ridden a few bikes, but the R3.. was instantly hooked. I pick one up later this week, still can't decide between the black and the blue though. Guess I'll decide when I go back. Any tips? Can't wait to bring it home. Anyway will be good to read and checkout tips and customisation ideas from other R3 owners and hopefully add a couple of my own.

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Welcome from down under. So California here. My R3 is black and a - of red. Taking my time with upgrades, there lots of stuff to spend money on. Bling or performance or a little of both. you can learn lots about the R3 the good and the making better with performance parts. Brake pads (front)- SS brake lines upgrade- Exhaust/ or Full Pipes - Lighting upgrades- performance tuning- Rear Sets etc. lots of info here.

I myself. First going to replace this tail light/Lic assemble and some flush mount front turn signals to match in Clear.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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