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New bike from New Hampshire

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After all friends and family telling me to wait till spring, the riding season is over..I went out and bought the bike today. They only had a red one on display and I mentioned I liked the black and they said they had one but its in the crate still. Soooo I bought it, and will be picking it up monday!

Plus..Fall seems like the best time to ride a motorcycle , except wet leaves =\
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I've really enjoyed my Raven, hope you do too - welcome!!
about 350 miles on her now, didn't think id be doing the 600 first service until next year...now I really doubt it haha, too much fun!
Congrats man! Im also a new owner from NH (seacoast area)
Congrats to you too! I'm in Plaistow, and work in seabrook. what color did you end up getting?
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