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I finally got all the old content moved over to the new site.
Unfortunately, we're all still waiting anxiously for the FREAKING BIKE!!! lol This is my first blog, so if you have any input for additional things you'd like to see, please let me know!

Anyways, while we're waiting patiently, I got in touch with Annitori and I've decided to run their quickshifter as a standalone instead of running the Bazzaz ZFI-TC or Dynojet products. I feel like the extra money spent on TC with the Bazzaz is a waste on an R3 and the Annitori is a bit less expensive, even if you are planning on adding the ZFI, and it's WAY less expensive if you are just wanting a quickshifter from Bazzaz or Dynojet. It will give me a good chance to review the Annitori. I just installed one on my roommate's Kawasaki ZX636 and so far it's buttery smooth. Strain gauge switch works in both directions for standard or reverse shift, wi-fi adjustments, pretty sweet little system, I'm super excited to get mine!

I also moved the store to a new page, this is where you will be able to find everything for the R3, including all the custom race parts I build over the next few years:
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