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Many of us members who post incomplete judgments on our issues, hardly measure up to the capacity the forum provides us to know more before asking questions.

Before engaging new discussions, post this script to encourage others to use the search function and Multi-Quotes system.
For some time this may cause outcry, but with patience, the community will adapt to becoming more self-sufficient.

Assure members we're here to help each other. Place equal responsibility on everyone involved.
To become self-sufficient, we must put our best effort forward to resolve discussions more efficiently.

Before offering solutions (to problems you may not fully understand the origin of), copy & paste the quoted script below (not inside its quoted form) in new discussions.

Searching for solutions is a simple process; let's encourage each other to do more.

Thank you for posting on R3-Forums - we're here to help each other.
We help each other by gathering information and providing solutions.

Helpful Details
Reply to this discussion and include as many helpful details as you can regarding the topic of discussion.
  • Year & model (i.e.: 2019 MT-03 ABS)
  • List problems you relate to your issue
  • Provide related service history
    • (if you have clutch problems, include recent history of oil change, lever & cable service, and ride-ability concerns)
  • If you are able, provide photos and/or videos
Finding Solutions
Use the section below on search and multi-quoting to start the resolution process.

Download the Service Manual that corresponds the closest with your model & year.
By using the search function, you may find where exactly in the manual to look for a solution.

R3-Forums has a search feature to help us find solutions quickly.
Learn How to Use Search Function

Explore the forum Multi-Quote feature to link potential solutions on this discussion.
Learn How to Use Multi-Quotes Panel

Search the forum and post your findings using the Multi-Quote panel.
We're all looking forward to discussing & developing a solution together.
We are capable, but are we willing?
May the community prosper.
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