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Hi everyone! Before I get into asking for some advice, just thought I’d introduce myself first. I’m 5’0” just short of 100lbs with a petite frame, obviously a female. Beginner rider starting off with the 2022 R3 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition. I was stopped and getting off thinking the kickstand was down, but unfortunately it wasn’t 😭🤦🏻‍♀️ I shouldn’t have assumed and should’ve just checked first. Anyway, my bike slowly fell with me trying to hold it up, but failed due to my petite size. It wasn’t a heavy impact fall, it was more like a guided fall because before I could do something to stop it completely, it was halfway to the ground with me, also someone was on the right side of the bike trying to keep it from falling further but it was too late 🥲 Now my gear shifter seems bent? Bent it back into place (sorta) and tried riding it again a couple times. Bike still runs like new, no problems with shifting gears. Just worried if it’s still safe to ride it still looking “bent” like that? Would appreciate some advice or tips 🙂 Pictures attached below for reference.

Thank you!

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