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New guy from CT

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Whats up R3 forum I just got my motorcycle license and want a harley but recently the R3 has grabbed my attention I been trying to find one at a dealer to see how it fits me but that is proving to be harder then I thought. I am short 5'5 so have a feeling it will be to high. This will be my first bike and also something I plan on teaching my wife how to ride on.

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The R3 is very low. I'm 5'8" and at stoplights when I stand up to stretch I feel as if I'm getting up from a chair. I don't think you'll have any problem flat footing this bike.
Welcome, f2! Used to be from CT, too! Moved to CA 2 years ago. Best of luck on your R3 hunt!
Welcome from England hope you get one soon.
I am 5'5" and i have no problems with the bike. I can't flat foot both feet but thats never been an issue.
I'm in CT too! what part of the state are you in?
I'm in CT too! what part of the state are you in?
I'm in Meriden. how about you?

thanks for the welcome guys I found one tonight the wife and just got back from looking at put a hold on it and going back tomorrow to make it final.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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