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Someone backed into my bike while it was parked and knocked it over. Right now it's a naked bike, and I'm surprised at how different it feels. Seems to dive into turns with more enthusiasm and in general feels more nimble than before. I suspect most of this is perception rather than reality, but nevertheless the difference is substantial.

But the real reason for my post is to share how much damage was caused by a simple tip over. Of course things like turn signals, mirror, clutch lever, bar end, and various plastic panels were affected, but there was more. The headlight shell assembly is directly connected to the fairing so when my fairing hit the ground it ripped the mounting locations out of the headlight shell...but there was more. It also bent the steering stem extension that mounts the front cowl assembly.

Bottom line is that something that might have cost a few hundred dollars to repair on my other recent tipped-over bikes will cost almost $2k on this bike.

So beware of minor tip-overs on this bike as they can be really expensive.


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Actually, it makes perfect sense that the bike feels completely different. You took a lot of weight off the top of the bike by removing the headlights.
It has nothing to do with the bike, but rather chance. Any bike can suffer huge damage from a simple drop, you just were unlucky.

There are many members on here who just suffered 50-100 dollar damages from a kickstand drop. There is that one vid showing 5 drops and afaik not much damage has occurred to the R3. I'll link that vid if I find that topic again.

I seriously doubt that there was 1k damage repaired each time it was dropped.

Any bike has a chance to getting very little damage, or more damage than what should've happened. Its all chance. Also it doesn't help that a vehicle hit your bike.
I haven't seen a full naked street bike yet, just what it looks like completely stripped for the track/race builds. I think someone will do a full naked build - it'll make a sweet cafe'.. You can pull a surprising amount of weight off the R3 - and because it's fairly light to begin with, 20 or so lbs off the front can make a noticeable difference in how it handles. Mine was undersprung on the front, because I'm no waif - just going to heavier springs for me made it handle much better.

Maybe a bad question - did the perpetrator stick around and make it right?
The effect of meth to motorcycles, lose of weight and a more depressing face
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throw one of those ebay street fighter headlights on and your good to go
yes. There was a witness and the perp has made good.
Wife dropped her bike 5 times. Here is all the minor damage her bike received.


Picture file name is also the description per pic. Well, forgot to take pics of the front signals but the bottom of the front signals have scrapes on them as well.

Guessing your bike was backed on hard, causing the force of the fall to be even greater than the usual tip over damage.
you must be right. Hope so.
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