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Hi, I'm Mariano, new member. I'm in Florida. I've been riding for many years, and went through about 6 different bikes. Always liked sport bikes. I ride street and track 50/50. At the moment I'm riding a BMW S1000RR. I've owned this beast for a year almost, and my thirst for speed is kind of receding now, so I'm thinking about something smaller.

A friend of mine has an R3 for sale and he's thinking in getting a liter bike, so we're talking about a trade.

I'm doubious about the top speed though. I heard here and there that it should be around 120, but then I saw an online review where the guy could onle make 107. I used to have a '12 Ninja 250 and it was able to make 95/100 all stock, so I was wondering if that's all the difference in the speed.

What top speed are you guys making with an all-stock R3?

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