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New owner/member in Atlanta

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Just got my blue R3, 870 miles and $3500. The original owner was young and inexperienced and dropped it, scraping up the plastic on one side, the crankcase, the clutch lever and the peg. He couldn't afford repairs, so a local road racer bought it with the idea of making a truck bike but then decided it was too nice to trash that way, so he replaced the damaged bits and sold it to me. Very happy with it: smooth, easy to ride, and fast enough to have a fun ride without the temptation/weight/expense of a big bike and its speed.

Background: started riding motorcycle at about 13, various small-bore dirt bikes. Economic reality hit at 18 - tuition or sprockets? - but I'd alway been a BMXer so I focused on bicycles, making my way up to becoming a sponsored Expert, and logging tons of miles on road and off-road, all pedal-powered. I'd occasionally hop on a friend's motorcycle but didn't own one again until I got my MC license and an old Vespa 2-stroke followed by modern Vespa 250 gti which I enhanced with a Leo Vince pipe and rode hard for a few years.

Got the itch again recently but scooters, with their small wheels and limited power, are not quite as appealing if I want to get out of the city. Did tons of research, did not want to get a big bike as what's the fun of always riding your MV Augusta or R1 at 15% of its potential? The R3 seemed "just right" and thus far is proving itself to be.

Just finished getting the protective clothing I wanted: all Dainese leather with CE armor because gear is a **** of a lot cheaper and more fun than the trauma of broken bones, concussions and road rash, ALL of which I got enough of in my cycling career. And I'm looking forward to some fun, moderate speed rides away from Atlanta traffic on our many nice days, getting up in the mountains.

Happy trails...
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Welcome man. You got a helluva deal man. I'm jealous. I bought mine with almost exactly the same mileage-think mine was like 837. Crazy. So dude repaired everything? Post some pics!
A few scrapes - engine case and clutch - but otherwise clean and tight. In time it'll become unique, probably the Yoshi slip-on, fender eliminator, stickier tires, a few anodized bits here and there. he replaced the scraped windshield with the tinted sport one, which is fine with me.


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Welcome from England.
Welcome from England.
Thank you, Tal. I was in Birmingham and London for business just a few weeks ago :)
polara, welcome to the forum!

I'm from Atlanta myself up in North Cobb.

Please check out the link below my signature (pic of my bike) to find information on your R3 that may save you some money, time, and frustration.

Let me know if you also need any questions, someone to ride with, or to help you with your R3.
Thanks for the welcome, Tintin the Punisher! Interesting name/avatar contrast there.
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