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New R3 owner from the capital of Canada!

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Hello everyone!

Just purchased my R3 four days ago with 0km (Canadian, eh?) on it. Hoping to get to know my bike and the people who ride it more through these forums!

A little about me: Name is Erik, have been riding for 5 years now. I've had two Honda CBX550's and one CBR125R. This is my first Yamaha ;)

Had fun on my CBX but towards the end of summer it was giving me electrical trouble, something I didn't want to delve into on a bike from 1983 after already spending 5 months getting her ready to ride. Bought another one a year later that needed work, and never got around to it, she still sits in my garage. This year, I got the letter in the mail saying my licence expires (Graduated licencing here with 3 levels, I'm on level 2) and I need to finish it or lose it so I bought the cheapest and easiest thing I could, a 125R. Owned that for less than a month before I said...NOPE. Now riding this beauty, and so far LOVE it. As a kid I've always dreamed of owning the R6 and now I have the wee one of that family that I can ring out in 'almost' legal speed limits.

Looking forward to being a part of the R3 community!
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Hey Erik. Welcome.

Congratulations on the sweet new ride! :cool:
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