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Hello everyone,

I'm from Birmingham, AL and I picked up a 2015 R3 two days ago. It's my 3rd bike but my this is my first sport bike. The bike was used but only had a little over 800 miles on it. Dealer had it at a decent price and the 600 mile service had already been performed so we made a deal and here I am.

So far I absolutely love the bike. There are things that I will change though. Im not crazy about the factory tires. They just seem like they don't grip the road in the curves if that makes any sense. The mirrors will probably be changed. Flush mirrors and a replacement fender are for sure going to happen as well. My previous bike was a 2003 harley sportster 1200. Needless to say having a clock, gas gauge, fuel injection, gear indicator, and a 6th gear are all welcome changes.

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