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New R3 Owner in Maritime Canada

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Hey all! Maritimer from Canada checking in.

Long story short: learned on a CB125 in the early 90's. Moved to a yamaha 400 then an 89 GPz900 (aka "ninja 900"). Miracle I didn't kill myself in my squidness on that bike (I shudder to think of the bad habits I had especially on a bike that was WAY too big of a leap from the 400 I had). Stopped riding around 97 about 6 months after a lady with no registration and no insurance failed to stop at a stop sign from a side street (but of course stopped completely blocking my lane of travel due to oncoming traffic).

Deciding I only used 2 of my 9 lives in that crash, I resumed riding again in 06. Bought a couple of GS500's before taking some more time off from riding again due to various personal reasons (marriage, job change and major relocation). Got the itch to ride again this summer so I started surfing around doing research and after looking at my options settled on the R3.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Took delivery earlier today and already put 183km on it. Plan to put another 200+ km on it tomorrow to get it out of the break in. Leaps and bounds better than my GS500 in every way and perfect for me to get back into motorcycling. I need to get my skills back and I am nowhere near the potential of this bike right now. Powerwise its just what I am looking for and she is quite nimble not to mention good on gas. Great town bike or jaunting through the countryside on twisty roads. Even if I get other bikes in the stable this one is definitely a keeper!!

One tiny thing that I need some help with: At my age I need a gel seat. The piece of plywood with some faux leather wrapped on it that comes stock just doesn't cut it. ;)

Oh, and while I'm thinking of it also: I will never ride 2 up on this bike. Is there a bracket that I can put on in place of the right rear peg that holds the exhaust in place?
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Oh, I almost forgot... its a '15 leftover in red and white.
Welcome! You wont be disappointed with her! Ride safe!
Thanks jthomas! I'm lovin her so far. Even though its the break in period I still have a chance to explore and see where the pros and cons of the bike are.

My goals in buying her were to have something with great handling for my town/city driving but still have enough power to merge into and keep up with highway traffic but not so much power I'd be getting into trouble, good fuel economy, and cheap insurance. Mission accomplished I'd say. My gut says this one is going to be a keeper for sure. I like to tinker just for its own sake and I have a feeling next summer the bike is going to start seeing some aftermarket parts (SS brake lines and suspension tailored to my height and weight).

Ride safe brother!
Welcome from England.Have a look here for exhaust hanger,
Thanks for the link Tal. That hanger looks nice!
By the way, only 50km left in the break in. Had a great time taking back roads that really let me vary my RPM and speed. Looking forward to really letting her rip very soon! :) Twins of all kinds just sound awesome to me.
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