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New R3 Owner! New Motorcycle Rider!

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Hey guys the yamaha R3 is my first legal streek bike Ive ever owned. Im huge into dirtbikes/snowmobiles/atvs/cars and thought this was the best choice for me since the ninja and hondas were well just lacking. Ive ridden 750 miles so far in 3 weeks and performed the first 600 mile service myself. 36 in parts as opposed to 250 at the dealer. Anyway any tips for a new rider with this machine? Any nice cheap mods you guys have done to increase its performance, and also what do you think of getting a larger wind screen?
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Welcome - check the 'Tech' sub-forum. Lots of info on mods members have done there. Also, check the "Read this First" sticky on the General Discussion sub-forum.
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