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Hello everyone,

My name is Cedric I am 23, I live in Austin Texas. I work as a programmer and keep going to school.

I'm pretty much a new rider here. I own a Yamaha R3 2015 and this is my first bike. I put 150 miles on it lol. I also have a Ford Mustang that I share with my wife but most of the time now I'm taking the R3 to go to work or to go watch a movie with my wife on the back.

My dad has an Harley Davidson "Sportster", and he keeps teaching some stuff about motorcycle now that I've got one for myself. I really enjoy having a motorcycle but to be honest I still prefer driving my Stang daily though.
Hope and sure I can pick up some info and learn from other bikers around the forum and maybe in my area. I am looking forwards as well to get some mods on my bike. I would to eliminate the rear fender first...



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