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Hello everyone! I'm the new guy and chose to buy an R3 as my first bike. Was going to go for a 600, but my friend convinced me otherwise. After riding from the dealer to my house I feel that it was the right choice. Instantly fell in love with her!

I named her R3becca

I've always wanted a bike since I grew up around them and finally it has become a reality. Bought her for $5,989 OTD but that's including the YES warranty and GAP coverage. I plan on keeping the bike for a while and buying a 600 after about a year when I feel comfortable. I would keep both the R3 and the 600. I do plan to track and mod this baby girl out.

I come from car modding and I track my car as well. I drive a Mk6 GTI in case anyone was wondering.

Well hopefully I'll be able to learn from everyone and make new friends in the process
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