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Hello Everyone!

My name is Juan and I am glad to announce that after 8 months of looking and watching the Yamaha R3, at last my wife to bought me one on July 8th.. :D... For security reasons (to avoid my wife killing me), I didn't bought the R3 (or any other motorcycle) until I got approval...

So, I am a new rider... from Panama... Central America... not the one in Florida.

My bike... I was thinking on getting the matte grey, but it was the only one in stock and the concessionary took it to the mall and other places for show... so I changed my mind as I didn't want a bike used by several people stepping on and touching... So, I got a 2018 Matte Black.... if you see the picture, it is exactly as the 2017 version... it is really common that in my country we receive the models like 1 year later.... I reviewed the VIN an in fact it is a 2018 model... I attached the first picture of my bike...

While reading the forum in the past 2 weeks, i saw some good post about gearing and buying stuff for the R3, so It didn't took to much time for me to place my first order with TST that includes the Fender Eliminator kit, the tail light and the Halo Flushmount signals.

Well.. will keep navigating the forum.

have fun everyone!


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