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New Rider in Jasper, Alabama!

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Hi all, just got my R3 about a month ago. It's my first bike and I absolutely love it and have a ton of ideas of things I want to do with it!

Mine is a 2015 Raven. I guess I'll go ahead and list some of the things I want to do!

- Smoked Windscreen
- Frame Sliders
- Led turn signals
- Fender Delete
- Shorty Levers
- Bar end mirrors/new rearview mirrors (any recommendations on these? I'm not too much a fan of the stock ones)
- Slip on exhaust
- Halogen headlights
- Led lights around the bike (possibly?)
Any other recommendations you guys have?

Have some pictures as well, though I can't post any yet it seems!
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Welcome to the forum. Gratz on the new bike. Ride safe.
Welcome from England.
Welcome! Only recommendation is to check how visible the LED indicators will be. The stock ones are daggy, but cagers can see them.
Welcome from Southeast PA.
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