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New Rider, Perth Western Australia

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Hi everyone,

I'm Cam - I got my R3 a few weeks ago and have been looking for other R3 riders to share knowledge etc. with.

I live in Perth Western Australia, if there are any other R3 riders in my area I'd be keen to meet. I haven't seen a whole lot of R3's on the road in Perth and can't find any groups for Perth R3 riders. Would be cool to get a group together for rides etc.

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Welcome Cam
there is a few on the forum from WA
There is a Facebook group but most are from the other side of the country.

Im based way down on the cool southern coast, but ride at Barbs & Collie.
Welcome from England Cam.
Thanks for the welcome Tal.

Aufitt, how often you up Barbs way mate? If you're ever around this way I'd be keen to head out for a ride, you ever tried the Mundaring Wier Rd run? Awesome stretch of twisties there.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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