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New Sports Bike Rider Vancouver, CANADA

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Hey guys, I am new to riding a sports bike.

Funny enough I learned manual clutch from riding a bike before I get to learn how to drive manual. And this was just 6 months ago.

Riding bike for leisure only. No speeding, I mean life is short, I still want to ride next year right?

Here is a picture of my R3, All Stock.


Sammy ( I am a guy just in case you thought the name was mis-leading you)


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Sorry picture is 90 Degree rotated. I dont know how to fix it
Protip: from mid May - mid August, get up early and you have the s2s to yourself.
Avoid the s2s during long weekends (cops, idiots and lots of traffic).
Welcome! Great colour choice! ;) Keep her rubber side down.
Welcome. You live in a great part of the world for a motorcyclist. So many great rides on your doorstep.

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Welcome from England Sammy,you got a Fast Blue,nice.
Welcome fellow Canadian. Jealous of your available mountain riding!
welcome Im also from vancouver :)
If you ever wanna ride with another R3 im game. PM Me I ride every day at least 100-200km a day just for fun
I'm also in Van and just got a black R3. I'm new to riding too and would be down for a ride sometime.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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