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Hey everyone, I am new to this site, found it while looking for differences between the '15 and '16 models. Unlike most of you, I don't have a whole lot of choices anyway, since I live in the Philippines now, and you take what you can get. Finding bikes like this in the Philippines, used to be rare to impossible, and usually you have to pay a premium for them when you did find them.

I went in for service on my other Yamaha bike, and baby R15, which will go to my wife when she is ready to ride on her own. I would have preferred getting something much bigger, but I was injured in the military, and have a fused spine, so I have to watch the weight of what I ride. The R3 is perfect for my back, and living in probably the worst place to ride, it should still be nimble enough to get me out of sticky situations. I was debating between the KTM RC390, Kawasaki Ninja 650, and the R3. I was unable to find an R3 to test, so I thought I was going to go with something else. But as luck would have it, I saw the Movistar R3, just off the delivery truck, when I went in for service. It took me all of 3 seconds to fall in love with this bike, I just hope that it does what I have been hoping it will. The R15 is a nice little bike, and for short rides through heavy traffic, it does the job. But where it lacks, is power, and the ability to clear obstructions and retards quickly when needed, and in the Philippines, that is often.

I would still prefer a bigger bike, but just can't risk it with my back the way it is. I used to ride off road bikes back in the US, but only seldom, and never was I into full motocross style riding, just trail. When I was young in the 80's, a street bike 250 was considered a big(ger) bike, but today, they seem to be considered small bikes, starters really, even though Moto3 is only a 250. Not sure when things changed, but I will just get over it, since most of the bikes in the Philippines are scooters, step thru's, or what is referred too as "hoble hoble's", and most of these bikes are in the low 100cc sized. I did ride one of those when I first got to the Philippines almost a decade ago, but hated it. Now that these bikes have arrived, it was a no-brainer for me. After first seeing it, I placed a 10,000 peso hold on the bike, and hope to have the rest of the money by December, and as a Movistar version, its perfect.

Anyway, nice to meet everyone, and I hope to start uploading pictures as soon as I get her home. I hope that all the reviews are accurate, because I don't think my back will allow me to go with anything much bigger, tried the R6, and a slow speed tip would leave me embarrassed as I tried to pick the bike up off the ground, and probably blew out another disc in my back. Sucks, but that is life.

Ride hard, ride smart, ride to live (not to die)
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