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New VISORDOWN Comparo Video: YZF-R3 VS. RC390

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yesss I cant wait for my morning coffee to make its way through me so I can go watch this during my toilet time!!
Well, CRAP! The video was just removed from YouTube and from the VISORDOWN website by the User....

I emailed them to put it back up, already.

I did get to watch it and they gave a slight edge to the RC390 as being the more aggressive Sport Bike. The YZF-R3 was just named Motorcycle of the Year in India today, though. And the RC390 is MADE in India.

NOOOOO!!! my coffee hasn't even made through yet!!
It's back. They did a quick revision and re-posted it....

Cheers to VISORDOWN for a quick fix!
wicked! Excuse my people but I have to make a trip to the boys room ;)
We did a comparison as well featuring the R3, CBR300R, Ninja300 and the KTM RC390. You can check it out at the following link if you'd like!

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Some (what I thought were) fairly unbiased reviews. The CBR300 is the weakest of the 300 class offerings, IMO, but the other three are all good entry level bikes - tweaked a bit and they're great entry level bikes. It'll be interesting to see what comes in the next couple of years as the class is becoming popular for both street and track.
It's pretty much impossible to buy the KTMRC390 for anywhere sticker price in the USA. A more average price would be around $6,500 which is way more expensive than the R3 which has real availability and a real dealer network.
It looks like the KTM mirrors are as bad as the R3.
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